About TwinkleBob Web Solutions
TwinkleBob Web Solutions is one of the foundations of the TwinkleBob Solutions company, predating TwinkleBob itself by a number of years. We have been trading under a few different names, most recently FLYhome.

FLYhome started life as a Christian website company but in order to serve a wider customer base without compromising the Christian website business some rebranding has been performed - this also allowed the uniting of other connected enterprises to be placed under a single "TwinkleBob" banner.

If you are a Christian group looking for a great deal, visit TW4C.org.uk

You can find out more about the TwinkleBob Solutions group at TwinkleBob.co.uk

Why are our prices so low?

Importantly, we hope that the fact that we offer a very clear pricing structure and predefined packages will help you to have confidence in what you are purchasing. Happy customers mean free word-of-mouth advertising and repeat purchasing!

Most of what we offer is relatively simple and requires minimum effort from either us or the customer once your website is set up, allowing us to only need to cover initial costs. Primarily our main source of income is from the e-Commerce packages, which are far more involved, this allows us to offer the more simple websites at extremely competitive prices, which in turn leads to more business!

However, because we base our low prices on the minimum effort involved in maintaining your site, this does mean that when we need to make major changes (this does not include updates or fixes) these are liable to additional charges based on an hourly rate. We always discuss these matters in advance before going ahead with any work.

On top of that, what some companies charge for similar website design and/or management is absolutely awful! And beware, you don't always get what you pay for!

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