TwinkleBob Web Solutions Products & Services
TwinkleBob Web Solutions offer two main services: we can either design a site for you, and let you host and manage it yourself; or we will design your site, and then host and manage it for you too. All of our predefined products are grouped into one of these categories.
If you would like something that is not on our list of predefined packages, we are happy to consult with you to create what you need, but the costs may be higher than our predefined packages. If in any doubt, please contact us directly rather than placing an order.

Each account will usually only include one option from "Site Type" (which is either a "Design Only" site or "Managed") and as many options (usually one of each) from "Extras" (please note that the Extras are only available on managed sites).
Each account is subject to a £30 non-refundable deposit (in addition to all other fees) which must be paid before your website will become public. Prices are per year and are payable in different ways (please note that any late payment is subject to a £20 fine, and may result in your site being taken offline):

All of our managed websites come with a basic Service Level Agreement (more details are on the Managed Sites page) but a further level of support can be provided at a cost of £50/month.

Please note that while TwinkleBob Web Solutions can create and manage the site for the customer, the actual content of the website (Designed or Managed) remains the responsibility of the Customer.

For customers requiring design only, a list of our site options can be found in the Design Only section.
For a list of all our site options for customers requiring site management, please look at our Managed Sites packages.

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