TwinkleBob Web Solutions Design Only Products
Below are the type of packages that we offer for customers requiring design only. These are subject to an additional £30 deposit payable at the commencement of work.

Single Page
With this option you will have a single webpage of information. This can be ready made to include your information (content approximately equivalent to one and a half pages of A4), or can be a basic design for you to use.
Cost: £80

For a multiple page site with pages of different information with a "homepage" and being grouped by a menu system (i.e. like this site), you can have a website designed. This service also includes laying-out a 'first edition' of your site with your content.
Cost: £130
Basic education on how to update your websites is provided, but further education can also be provided at a cost (which will include a month of Telephone and E-mail support).

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